We create places that are not only great to live in now, but also provide for a better future. Our approach to sustainability is to work smarter and more efficiently throughout the development process. This incorporates the operational elements of our business, the design of our homes and encouraging our customers to adopt sustainable living.

We have two core areas of focus:




Our design and build processes are designed to minimise any adverse impacts on the environment, while delivering homes that are sustainable and built to high specifications. Just one example is our Uniquely Cricklewood development where we are adapting passivhaus principles in all areas of construction. This new approach reduces the impact of the building on the environment and is a cleaner, more efficient way to live in an environmentally challenged world.

Our developments adhere and aim to surpass all relevant industry guidelines relating to the sourcing and use of building materials. Moreover, we endeavour to exceed the minimum green energy requirements where possible along with providing cycle storage on all our new schemes and in some cases access to a car sharing club.




Our core focus of regeneration is something we are extremely proud of. In our developments to date we have strived to improve the surrounding area by providing visually stunning buildings. In doing so we are able to enhance the communities in which our developments are situated, liaising with local people and local groups wherever possible in an endeavour to ensure that our projects are welcomed. 

Our contractors implement considerate construction practices on all our sites to minimise the impact where possible on the local community while construction is taking place. We also encourage our contractors to use local labour and materials where possible.