6 | 04 | 2018 Habitō construction update March 2018

Block A has reached its final floor and the position of the penthouse now reveals the panoramic views and multiple aspects. A ground floor unit as you enter the development has been accelerated by our contractor to deliver a show apartment for interested buyers. There has been considerable progress with the show flat since the … Continue reading Habitō construction update March 2018

6 | 04 | 2018 The Printworks construction update March 2018

Progress continues with the apartment block with the cladding and windows now being set in place. The cladding, finished in olive green adds to the unique offering and the existing 1920’s façade has been refreshed which brings its distinctive features to life. Following completion of the cladding and roof finishes, the scaffolding will be removed … Continue reading The Printworks construction update March 2018

26 | 02 | 2018 The Printworks construction update February 2018

Following completion of the structural frame of the apartment block the roof coverings have progressed and the frame is well on its way to forming the internal spaces with the windows set for installation imminently. The character of the new apartment block continues to take shape as the brackets and first of many cladding panels … Continue reading The Printworks construction update February 2018

7 | 12 | 2017 The Printworks construction update December 2017

Converting this old 1800’s printworks building has been a rewarding challenge and we can now see the new frame emerge into the skyline. We’re delighted with the mews houses brick and can’t wait to see the landscaping start within this exclusive enclave.

7 | 12 | 2017 Habitō construction update December 2017

We’re delighted that the new residents of this fantastic development will be living in a high-quality and efficient building located on an archaeological heritage site where Iron Age and Roman building remains were found during the pre-construction phase.

4 | 08 | 2017 Hounslow a true London hotspot

Hounslow is a suburb on the outskirts of west London. Its proximity to central London and Heathrow Airport, along with its affordable house prices, means that the town and its borough are rising in appeal, fast becoming one of the capital’s next “up and coming” areas.

Despite uncertain times for much of the country, Hounslow is defying the trend and was recently named one of the United Kingdom’s top ten hotspots. City A.M’s recent National Hotspots Index also found that the Borough of Hounslow had seen the greatest increase in demand for housing across the whole of London.

28 | 07 | 2017 5 Top tips for your new home

Moving house is often rated as one of the top causes of stress, from finding the perfect new place to packing up all of your worldly possessions and moving them safely.

Even after all of that there is still work to be done; after settling in it’s time to make your house a home. It’s either bare and needs to be furnished and decorated, or it’s dated and shabby and in need of a major update.

With all of those rooms the job can look a little disconcerting, so here’s a few of our best tips for decorating your new home:

25 | 07 | 2017 Crouch End – One of London’s most fashionable villages

One of the pockets of North London that combines a village feel with a cosmopolitan vibe, Crouch End is close to good transport connections and boasts all the things people want in the city – good schools, a variety of different housing and a vibrant combination of chain and independent shops, pubs and restaurants at its centre.

Only eight miles north of the City, with Hampstead to the west, Islington to the south and Tottenham to the east, Crouch End has been overshadowed by its better-known neighbours and has managed to stay out of the limelight, and it’s all the better for it.

21 | 07 | 2017 A new home will keep you toasty warm for much less

A big consideration for many home buyers and renters is how much their monthly bills will cost. While an older Victorian build, for example, might appear a great investment due to its long history and beautiful period adornments, buyers can end up shelling out huge energy bills due to its lack of modern insulation or technologies.

According to the National House Building Council, new builds can be up to 55 per cent cheaper to run than older properties, meaning renters or buyers, particularly first-time buyers who may not be very familiar with the housing market