Making The Most Of Your Balcony: Tips For Year-Round, Outdoor Living

As home, remote and hybrid working arrangements become the standard for many professionals, extra space at home and outside is becoming an essential feature for new homeowners. Having a balcony in an apartment in London comes with many benefits, such as offering residents even more space for living, relaxing, working, dining and entertaining. Having extra outside space can also significantly add value when it comes to reselling. Scroll down for our favourite balcony tips!

At our latest development in NW2, we’ve designed apartments and townhouses with elevated terraces, private balconies and serene courtyards, many of which overlook the large communal gardens, landscaped with trees, planting and integrated lighting, making it a welcome oasis all year round.

Our balconies provide a private outdoor space where residents can enjoy fresh air, natural sunlight, and a connection to the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can face any direction. South-facing balconies and terraces generally get the most sun throughout the day. While east-facing balconies soak up the morning rays, west-facing balconies can provide the best skyline sunset views, but that’s not to say that a north-facing balcony can’t be enjoyed as much! It’s all about how you style your balcony. Here are some inspiring ways to turn your balcony into your favourite part of your home!

Styling Your Outdoor Space

Choosing Furniture To Go Outside

Style your balcony like you would a living room, only with outside furniture — whether that involves a table and chairs set, a swing seat, a big comfy couch, a sun lounger or an egg chair! Add outdoor rugs, floor pillows, and small outdoor coffee tables to accompany your large items of furniture to give it that homely feel. Watch your balcony transform into an idyllic spot where you can sip your morning coffee, enjoy a meal or have a glass of wine before bed.

And if you’re working from home on a laptop, simply add a weatherproof desk and chair (or a smart foldaway solution to maximise your hybrid home space), and you’ve got yourself a new workstation.

Remember to prepare for the cooler British weather by keeping some cushions and blankets close to the balcony or even house them in an outdoor storage unit – ideal for sipping hot chocolate under the stars.

Outdoor furniture as one of the balcony tips

Plants, plants, plants!

Having a balcony gives residents an opportunity to connect with nature, even in a bustling city like London. Give your balcony some life and keep potted plants, grow a small herb garden, or to go all out and create your own verdant oasis. To save space, adorn the walls or railings with hanging plants. If you have the floor space, place two or three different sized terracotta pots out on your balcony to make it feel rustic. Add a pop of colour with flowers, and experiment with scents and textures for a real sensory experience.

Taking The Party Outside

If you’re known among your friends for hosting wonderful evenings at your place, extend the open-plan entertainment by impressing guests with a fully-stocked outdoor bar! This doesn’t necessarily need to be something you have to spend a lot of money on; you can buy – or build your own – drop down bar. Add some nice glassware and you’re fully prepared for your next soirée. Extra touches, such as integrated balcony lighting, will keep the ambience just right as you watch the sun setting over the city.

Better For You, Better For The Environment 

Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Opening the wide balcony doors also allows for improved air circulation and natural light inside your apartment, especially during warmer months when the city heat can feel unbearable. Being able to step out onto a balcony and get fresh air can contribute to better mental health and a sense of wellbeing, particularly in urban environments with limited green spaces. And if you are really into your health and wellbeing, why not turn your outdoor space into a yoga studio and meditate while at one with nature? Alternatively, if you have enough space, pop a mat, some weights and equipment on your balcony to make your very own outdoor gym!

outdoor activity is one of the balcony tips

Save On Energy Bills & Reduce Carbon Emissions

Having a secure outdoor space can also provide a convenient and private area to hang laundry to dry, especially when there’s limited space inside the apartment. Drying your clothes on a balcony is a more energy-efficient option than using a tumble dryer which consume a substantial amount of electricity to operate and often damages garments. By utilising the natural heat and airflow on the balcony, you can reduce your energy consumption and save money in the long run. Drying laundry on the balcony also keeps the moisture outside, helping to maintain a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment. 

Make The Gladstone Your New Home In NW2

Outdoor living is central to life at our recently completed development in London, NW2. If you’d like to find out more about our 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and townhouses with private balconies and communal gardens, simply get in touch.