Darren Rufford | Principle Architect

Habitō has been designed in a chic and modern style to suit a wide range of people looking for somewhere to really make their mark.

The vision is to create the most exclusive, boutique development in the up and coming Hounslow area, a green oasis away from it all.

The building’s facade uses simple and monochromatic materials to evoke a sense of pared down minimalism.

Intimate outdoor spaces

Within our series of Outdoor Rooms, canopies of exquisite mature trees form roofs of emerald green, creating an ever-changing habitat of light and shadow.

Raised beds with built in seating heighten the sensory experience of plants – a restful tapestry of foliage and flower is a backdrop to carefully selected scented plants which allow perfume to glide on the breeze.


Natasha Coutts | Architect

While the building is fairly minimalist in its concept, this does not mean that any corners have been cut.

Materials are all very high-quality, while the internal use of herringbone connects the stunning development to its historically Roman roots.

Habitō is based around two individual blocks connected by a modern central link, with landscaped garden sanctuaries on three sides.

In this way, it provides great opportunities to meet your neighbours while maintaining that all important privacy you crave.

It’s in the small details

There are no preconceptions, no pre-determined ideas, no signature style. Since day one, in 2001, our solutions for new homes, workplaces and hotels have responded to the unique combination of client, context and purpose.

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