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Fun Facts about the History of Cricklewood

As we prepare the launch of our latest new build homes at Uniquely Cricklewood, we have found out some rather interesting information about the local area future buyers may be interested in. Here are a few bits that we have learned…

Dollis Hill settlements date back to the Early Iron Age! Also notable is the Edgware Road, where our Uniquely Cricklewood development is located. Edgware Road is Roman road, and an important route into London for centuries. This road was used as way to transport goods in and out of the city.

Established in 1294, the first official small was seen at the junction of Cricklewood Lane and the Edgware Road, more than 700 years ago! The name of the area as we know it today was picked by a small settlement in 1321. Cricklewood means wood with an uneven outline, which at the time was the reality of the place. Today is an amazing area, specially if you are thinking of buying a new built home! Check HERE 6 good reasons to do it!

The Crown, still famous around the area, was providing for coach travelers, and by 1800 it had a handful of cottages and Cricklewood House as neighbours and was known for its “pleasure gardens”. The Crown was ‘an ivy clad house with pretty tea-gardens and a skittle alley’. You can still visit the insides to this day.

Black & White photo of The Crown dated to the year 1900
credit to

In 1867, the Midland Railway line was built just east of Edgware Road and, in 1870, Childs Hill Station (now Cricklewood Station) followed.

Cricklewood grows

The opening of the Willesden Green Metropolitan Railway Station in 1879 gave the development a boost. As you can see, good transport links has always been a common around Cricklewood. By 1900, it was impossible not to notice ‘the great improvements that have taken place in Cricklewood. Cricklewood was now a recognizable district, with churches, chapels, and a school. The town got its own newspaper in 1900.

Cricklewood used to have an Aerodrome just of the Cricklewood Lane. The first London-Paris air service took place in the Cricklewood Aerodrome! Nowadays you could probably have watched it from one of the private balconies of our Uniquely Cricklewood development, as it took place from Claremont Road.

Did you know that Cricklewood was home to the largest film studio in the country in 1920? After the aircraft factory had been dismantled, the space was then used as the production base for Stroll Pictures during the silent era. Also related to the film industry, the Cricklewood Pumping Station, built in 1905, was used as a double for the Titanic’s engine rooms, for the 1997 film, Titanic. That just shows that the cultural richness of Cricklewood is not something new.

Cricklewood was also home to Smith’s Industries. This started in 1915 as S. Smith & Sons, on the Edgware Road, established to manufacture fuses, instruments and accessories. By 1939 it was making electrical motors, aircraft accessories and electric clocks. As the company grew it acquired other companies and sites overseas but Cricklewood remained the most important site, with 8,000 employees between 1937 and 1978.

The Welsh Harp Reservoir was used for amphibious tanks (that can travel on land and water) tests during the First World War! You can see what nowadays the Reservoir looks like on our Instagram.

.In the late 1930s, in response to the approaching threat of the Second World War, the government built an underground citadel for the War Cabinet in the GPO Research Station’s grounds, but it was hardly used. More notably, the components of Colossus, arguably the world’s first electronic computer, were made at the Research Station before being sent to the codebreaking center at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire. In 1949, Cricklewood had a population of 19,586, and a good shopping centre that attracted many shoppers from outside the area.

Black & White photo of the Cricklewood Broadway dated year 1912
credit to

We are happy to be present in a place with so much history and so much culture.


For more information about buying an apartment or town house at Uniquely Cricklewood, contact: 0207 409 8756

5 parks to visit near Uniquely Cricklewood

The sun is shining once again, which makes for a wonderful visit to a local park whether that’s for a relaxing stroll, shooting down a slide, hiring a rowing boat or simply sunbathing and catching up with friends. Cricklewood is an area of London which spans the boundaries of three boroughs: Barnet to the east, Brent to the west and Camden to the south-east, so you’ll be pleased to hear that there are many parks close to our Uniquely Cricklewood development for you to enjoy. Below we highlight some of our favourites … who knew London had so many green spaces to escape the hustle and bustle of city life?

Regent’s Park

1. Gladstone Park Spread across 86 acres, Gladstone Park boasts a Green Flag Award and sits on a hill with views across London. As well as its meadows, rose terraces, walled garden, wildlife area and tree-lined avenues, there’s plenty of facilities to enjoy such as a café, sports pitches (rugby, football and cricket), tennis courts, an outdoor gym and children’s playgrounds. There’s also community activities regularly hosted within the park including wildlife walks, gardening and litter picking. Gladstone Park is a stone’s throw from Uniquely Cricklewood by foot.

2. Golders Hill Park & Hampstead Heath

If you are a young family then you will all love what is on offer at Golders Hill Park. Part of Hampstead Heath, your children will enjoy the butterfly house, play area, aviary, sandpit and a small zoo – which is free. They can also feed the ducks, explore the water garden and visit the swans and deer. During the summer, children’s activities are organised, and there’s often live music on the bandstand on Sunday’s. There’s also tennis courts and a putting green, and for when you’re all feeling a bit peckish, there is an Italian restaurant to grab a drink and a bite to eat. For older children and adults, why not pop across to Hampstead Heath which sits right next door to Golders Hill Park. Here you can enjoy cycling, jogging, dog walks and a natural lido. Both locations are about a ten-minute drive from Uniquely Cricklewood.

Exploratory Park in Brent’s Cross

3. Exploratory Park

This is Brent Cross’s newest park and first green space as part of its regeneration programme. There’s a climbing pyramid for kids, a seasaw, swings, monkey bars and a long, snaking yellow slide running down the middle. The fun isn’t just for young children however… there’s also outdoor table tennis, workout equipment and a baseball court for adults and teenagers to have fun with too. For a spot of relaxation and picnics, there’s also a grassy area surrounded by reeds, grasses and scented plants, as well as benches and green lawns. The Exploratory Park can be reached in six minutes by car or nine by bus from Uniquely Cricklewood.

4. Fryent Country Park

Fryent Country Park boasts 103 acres of rolling fields and small woods. As a green oasis hidden away in a pocket of North West London suburbia, it’s well worth a visit to enjoy meadows, woods, hedgerows and ponds, plus the chance to spot a variety of wildlife. With more than 800 species including 80 recorded birds, 21 butterflies and 500 wild flowers, it really is a fantastic place for walks, picnics, fun and games. It’s dog friendly too. The Park is approx. fifteen minutes away by car from Uniquely Cricklewood.

5. Regent’s Park/ZSL London Zoo

As a special treat, why not head over to London Zoo in Regent’s Park to visit thousands of animals, birds and reptiles from around the world? Or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the park itself which covers an impressive 395 acres. As a Royal Park, it combines large open spaces with tree-lined pathways, formal gardens that include more than 12,000 roses and four children’s playgrounds. You can also hire a rowing boat, take a stroll up Primrose Hill or view the wetland area which is home to around 100 species of wild bird and a breeding population of hedgehogs. Regent’s Park is about twenty minutes by car, or you can jump on a bus from Cricklewood Broadway.


For more information about buying an apartment or town house at Uniquely Cricklewood, contact: 0207 409 8756

There’s only a short time period left to buy a new build home with Help to Buy

If you are a first-time-buyer and looking to purchase a property up to the value of £600,000 in London, then you are able to buy a brand new home at Uniquely Cricklewood, with the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme.

Gladstone Park Garden View
CGI of the building view from Gladstone Park Garden

Launched on the 1st of April 2021, this is a Government-backed equity loan that allows first time buyers to contribute as little as a 5% deposit. Additionally, for those buying in London, you can borrow an equity loan of up to 40% which is interest free for the first five years, whilst the remainder of the purchase price is funded by your mortgage.

The aim is to help people get onto the property ladder at a time when homeownership is difficult due to the high deposits that are required and where access to affordable mortgages limited.

Time is of the essence however as the Help to Buy Scheme will no longer be available from 31st March 2023, which means there is only one year left to benefit from it.

Example: for a large 1-bed apartment purchased for £450,000 at Uniquely Cricklewood

If for example you were looking to purchase one of our apartments at Uniquely Cricklewood for £450,000, you will need a 5% cash deposit of £22,500. Your mortgage lender will loan you £247,500 (55%) whilst the Government would contribute £180,000 (40%).

How to buy a Help to Buy home at Uniquely Cricklewood

  1. Reserve a new build home with Unique Property Group
  2. Apply online through the Help to Buy agent in your region. Find out who that is here. (make sure this is set to open in a new window so that you’re not taking people off your website)
  3. You will be assessed on your eligibility and if successful, you will then be issued with an Authority to Proceed which will help you apply for a mortgage and progress the purchase to exchange of contracts
  4. Your Help to Buy agent will help you complete all of the paperwork and agree dates before issuing a Transaction Confirmation which will allow you to tranfer funds and legally complete on your new home
  5. After legal completion, your Help to Buy agent will then pass on your details to the equity loan administrator to manage the equity loan until it is paid in full

Find out more about how to apply for a Help to Buy Scheme on the Government’s website here.

What properties are available to buy at Uniquely Cricklewood on the Help to Buy Scheme?

Cricklewood is fast becoming a sought after area to invest in new build property. At our latest development here, prices start at £440,000, and with London set to a price cap of £600,000, this means we can offer many of our one and two bedroom apartments on the Help to Buy scheme. Click here to view our new homes at Uniquely Cricklewood.

For more information about our new build homes or to discuss the Help to Buy Scheme further, contact:
0207 409 8756

6 reasons we recommend buying a new-build home

If renovating a fixer upper is not your cup of tea, and you don’t want the hassle of maintaining older properties despite their period charm, perhaps a new build home might appeal? Having worked in this industry for over10 years, we’ve put together some of our favourite reasons why they make fantastic homes…

More energy efficient and environmentally friendly

New build homes usually mean a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills due to the materials used and the way they are built. This is even more relevant at Uniquely Cricklewood because we are adopting Passivhaus principles to create homes with sustainability and energy efficiency as a central design ethos. The construction techniques include high value glazing and insulation, solar panels and thermal methods that result in lower carbon building. Additionally, mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) systems in each home provide better air filtration which means the air quality is more superior – ideal for improving the health conditions within the property.

Dollis Hill Ave view of Uniquely Cricklewood
Dollis Hill Avenue view

Lower repair & maintenance costs

As a development is usually built to a high standard with a 10 year structural warranty, everything is brand new and in working order when you move in, meaning you don’t need to worry about any renovation costs. If you find any construction defects or niggles such as scuff marks or squeaky doors in the snagging process, the builder should get them resolved for you. For example, our 10-year warranty at Uniquely Cricklewood, is from Build Zone. We are responsible for the first two years and Build Zone for the following eight.

This allows for little maintenance when your home ages too, and you don’t need to worry about decorating when you move in!

All of this offers our buyers complete peace of mind and substantial financial savings in the first ten years.

Interior design

Serious thought goes into the interior design of new homes. For example, at Uniquely Cricklewood, our sleek kitchens are very much the heart of the home. Lighting and integrated appliances highlight cool, clean lines, with high contrast matt graphite cabinets and stunning worktops. Whilst full height glazing floods the living room interiors with natural light. Lustrous wooden effect flooring and subtle details make for simple, elegant spaces that are a cut above the standard, whilst pendant lighting helps to define zones within the open plan living spaces, with recessed LEDs for when you need things to be a bit lighter.

Master Bedroom indicative CGI
Master Bedroom


Security is generally much better in new build homes. Uniquely Cricklewood offers quality door entry systems, secure parking and access to bicycle parking.

There isn’t a seller chain

It is well documented that when you have a long chain going on, your purchase can very easily fall apart if the seller pulls out. However, you don’t have this issue when buying a new build home because the seller is the developer. You also remove the risk of gazumping from other buyers as once you pay your reservation fee, the property is taken off the market immediately. Furthermore, if you are selling your own residence when purchasing a new build home, your potential buyers will find it very attractive that you are at the end of the chain. This all makes it a far simpler way and less stressful way of buying a property.


The Government announced that the Help to Buy Equity Loan for first time buyers was to end at the end of March 2023, so this is the last year that people can take advantage of it. The scheme provides financial help for those trying to get onto the property ladder for the first time by allowing them to only put down a 5% deposit. There are regional price caps however, so in London this applies to homes up to £600,000 only, but we are still able to offer this scheme at Uniquely Cricklewood.

Whether it be a new build apartment or townhouse you are looking for, perhaps our sustainable development, Uniquely Cricklewood, has what you are looking for. You can view all of our available properties for sale here.

Why Cricklewood is the best place to buy a property now

Whether as a buy to let landlord or an owner occupier, Cricklewood in North London is fast becoming one of the area’s most sought after locations for owning a property. From great transport links and new schools, to being in the midst of one of London’s largest regeneration programmes, Cricklewood offers a host of benefits for families and young professionals, covering both lifestyle and financial.

Here are some of our favourite reasons why Cricklewood is a fantastic area to be investing in property…

It’s in the midst of one of the largest regeneration programmes in London

Making the headlines at the moment is the huge regeneration happening in the Cricklewood and Brent area. The £7bn investment programme covers 151 hectares and includes creating a sustainable town centre covering both residential and commercial. Key areas include:

  • A modernised and extended shopping centre which will include 200 retail and leisure brands, 600 homes, two parks, a hotel, a new cinema complex, a community centre plus new car parks
  • Improvements to road infrastructure
  • New improved walking and cycling routes
  • The creation of a new town. This will include:
    • thousands of new homes
    • office space for 25,000 people
    • improved community facilities and open green spaces such as eight public squares and seven parks offering tennis, football, bouldering, parkour and BMX
    • a pedestrian friendly high street offering a mix of shops, cafes and restaurants
    • existing schools will be upgraded. For example, Claremont Primary school will be rebuilt and expanded to teach children from nursery age up to year 6, with other additions including onsite sports facilities, forest school and wildlife area and a 24-place Additional Resource Provision for children with autism
  • A new Thameslink train station, Brent Cross West, which will link to central London in twelve minutes. This will be opening at some point this year
Photo of Cricklewood Train Connectios
Cricklewood Train Connections

The revamp of Cricklewood Station

Cricklewood Station has had a bit of a makeover. A colourful model cow in a flowerbed proudly sits outside the entrance, whilst the bright artwork ‘Queen of the Air’ welcomes visitors on the platform in huge letters. This was designed by internationally renowned street artist, Lakwena Maciver  and is a touching tribute to the first female aviator Amy Johnson who lived in Cricklewood.

Daisy outside of Cricklewood Station
Daisy on a sunny day

Open green spaces

Embracing the outdoors has become even more important for people post pandemic, and Cricklewood has its fair share of open green spaces to explore. It’s home to the Mapesbury conservation area as well as Mapesbury Dell Park – North London’s best kept secret and award winning – with a pond teeming with wildlife, play area, picnic tables, benches and stunning gardens and lawns to relax in. There’s also a gardening club, the Midsummer Open Air Opera Evening, a Back to School children’s party in September and carol singing at Christmas. Meanwhile, the newly built Claremont Park should be opening this spring, which will include a new children’s playground, a kiosk and public toilets.

Mapesbury Dell Park
Mapesbury Dell Park

Excellent rail links in and out of London

With a very good train line already in place, and Brent Cross West very close to opening which will take travellers to St Pancras, Blackfriars and Farringdon, Cricklewood continues to attract more and more commuters due to its easy access into central London. There are also other tube stations nearby, whilst the A5 sits directly next to Cricklewood offering easy access to the M1.

Community hubs

Cricklewood is well known for its community spirit. At Clitterhouse Playing Fields, the Victorian farm buildings which survived World War II are currently used by Our Yard – a community group founded by local residents who manage a café and community growing garden. There are also food growing initiatives and other projects that benefit people living there.

Excellent schools

The local schools have a fantastic reputation, with many awarded ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, offering several choices for families.

Local retail and leisure

The local area has some great pubs, boutique shops, independent cafes and excellent shopping facilities such as the Brent Cross shopping centre. Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall is a particular favourite of ours. There’s even a four-star deluxe hotel on your doorstep, the Clayton Crown Hotel, which is ideal for business meetings, enjoying a selection of drinks in their historic pub or even splashing out on an afternoon tea treat with loved ones. So whether it’s night life you are looking for or a delicious breakfast to start your weekend with, there truly is something for everyone.

The iconic Crown Hotel

Two new annual events

To help build community spirit and attract life to the town centre, two new events have been created. The Silk Road Festival, held in September, celebrates Cricklewood’s ethnic diversity with stalls and events serving up international food, art, fashion and music. Whilst WinterFest in November offers festive markets, music and food.

Rising property values and rents

All of these wonderful elements to Cricklewood and its surrounding area will mean property prices and rents continue to rise, offering a superb ROI and capital growth in the future. This means now really is the best time to be purchasing a brand-new apartment or town house at Uniquely Cricklewood – whether to live in permanently or to rent out – as it’s very likely values will continue to rise as the regeneration work progresses over the next few years.

Uniquely Cricklewood Development


To find out more or register your interest 02074098756

The Printworks made the finals!

We were thrilled to make it through to the finals of the Evening Standard Property Awards 2019 for Best Small Development, in a hotly contested category. We really enjoyed the fabulous event on Friday at the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane in London.

And whilst we didn’t win, we’re delighted to have made the latter stages, against some really big players in the industry. We look forward to entering our other developments into next year’s award season, and fingers crossed.



And that’s a wrap!!

The final apartment at The Printworks has been sold. Against market conditions the elegantly appointed apartments have literally flown off the books recently, with the last 4 being sold in the past month!

The only chance to enjoy of a slice of this unique development, now lies in the 3 stunning Mews Houses, hidden behind the 1920s façade of the boutique apartment building.

These 3 properties are a real (literally) hidden gem in the heart of Crouch End. Set at the rear, each enjoy private landscaped south west facing gardens and look out onto a ultra-realistic living wall. Internally, these have been beautifully designed with modern lifestyles in mind.

In order to secure your piece of tranquillity, away from the hustle of London living, please contact our sales agents on 020 3778 1101.


Habitō show home

Our two-bedroom show apartment is complete and looks superb with Interiors designed by Alexander James. Our first release of the year is only a matter of weeks away.

If you would like more information or to register for a preview call 020 3778 1101.