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Habitō construction update May 2018

Internal and external block work is progressing to fourth and fifth floors in Block A and partitioning work and plaster boarding on the third floor is near completion.

External brickwork is complete to first floor level in Block A. Mechanical and electrical work is progressing throughout Block A. Windows have arrived and are due to be installed. Plumbers are scheduled to start, and kitchens are ready for installation. The staircase and lift shaft are complete in Block A extending to fifth floor in preparation for the steels for the penthouse apartment on the sixth floor.

Block B columns are formed with the concrete pour of the first floor now complete with the verticals started in preparation to take the third floor. The fit out of the show apartment is progressing and will soon be fitted out by Alexander James Interiors.



The Printworks construction update April 2018

External cladding for the apartment building is completing and scaffolding is being dismantled showcasing the external façade (see image of when complete).

Final windows to the apartments are being fitted to the first floor and fit out is due to start. Bathrooms are being fitted within the mews houses and the gardens are being prepared for landscaping.

Alexander James, Interior Designers have been on site preparing for the installation of the show house due to be ready by the end of May.

Habitō construction update April 2018

With the concrete frame complete on Block A, focus has been turned to Block B with the ground floor concrete slab, ground to first floor columns and first floor slab all formed.

Over the coming weeks, Block B will follow similar progression to Block A increasing to a level of four floors which will complete the superstructure.

Progress continues at pace on Block A with the external brickwork enclosing the space and reveals the style of the building. Internally within Block A, the partitions and first fix mechanical and electrical have commenced on the upper floors concurrently with the block and brick work.

Installation of the windows and kitchen of the ground floor show apartment is programmed over the next period with the fit-out and proposed interior design expected to complete with furnishings.

Habitō construction update March 2018

Block A has reached its final floor and the position of the penthouse now reveals the panoramic views and multiple aspects.

A ground floor unit as you enter the development has been accelerated by our contractor to deliver a show apartment for interested buyers. There has been considerable progress with the show flat since the last update with the start of first fix mechanical and electrical work, which is also progressing throughout Block A. The partitions distinguish the internal arrangements and with the kitchen and bathroom installs to follow, the show apartment will give an early insight to the specification and living space of the apartments.

With both internal and external block and brickwork on-going with Block A, Block B columns are formed with the concrete pour of the ground floor slab due imminently.

The Printworks construction update March 2018

Progress continues with the apartment block with the cladding and windows now being set in place. The cladding, finished in olive green adds to the unique offering and the existing 1920’s façade has been refreshed which brings its distinctive features to life.

Following completion of the cladding and roof finishes, the scaffolding will be removed and a street scene will be more visible.

The first-floor underfloor heating has now been enclosed with the floor build up and 2nd fix mechanical, electrical and carpentry work continues throughout the Mews Houses. The central Mews House will be delivered as a show suite at the end of April which will present the specification and a sense of the living space for potential buyers to experience.

The preparation of the external area is ongoing which will accommodate the landscaping for the houses with low set brick walls, fencing and planting beds.

The Printworks construction update February 2018

Following completion of the structural frame of the apartment block the roof coverings have progressed and the frame is well on its way to forming the internal spaces with the windows set for installation imminently. The character of the new apartment block continues to take shape as the brackets and first of many cladding panels are set in place.

The progress also continues with the mews houses with initial undercoats throughout, first floor underfloor heating and a key milestone with the Nobilia kitchens currently being fitted.

Habitō construction update February 2018

The structure is starting to immerse itself within the existing streetscape. The frame has now reached the 5th slab confirming the scale of Block A alone. With construction of the 5th slab ongoing, the 5th columns, stairs and lift shaft will follow immediately after. The 6th and final concrete slab will take place over the next month completing the concrete structure of Block A. The structure doesn’t end there with the penthouse steel framework to complete on top. Within the internal areas of the constructed floors, the blockwork starts to confirm the internal arrangements of the apartments.

With Block A reaching the penultimate slab, the lead in for the ground floor slab of Block B will continue with forming the rebar and concrete pour.

The Printworks construction update January 2018

The new frame set within the existing façade has now reached the third and final floor with the exterior timber wall structures now enclosing the spaces within. With the lift shaft complete which is emerging through the structure, the roof coverings are now underway, and the balcony steelwork reveals the large outside space offered to the apartments. The progress continues within the mews houses with the staircase balustrading and carpentry. Following this, the fit out will start to bring the spaces to life with the bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and decorations.

Habitō construction update January 2018

Block A of the development is well under way with the second to third floor columns, core walls, staircase and balconies completed. The third-floor rebar is currently in progress in preparation for concrete pour on the 22nd January. Blockwork to the ground floor of Block A has commenced, which will continue floor by floor. Following completion of the third-floor slab, third to fifth floor columns, fourth floor formwork and concrete pour will continue. The remaining reinforced concrete pads and drainage installation are to be constructed to the rear of the site creating Block B. The ground floor slab, columns and core walls of this block will begin immediately after to continue the superstructure of the build.